Questions of Translation Criticism

  1. What is difference between objective and subjective Translation Criticism? P. 4, 106

  2. What is criterion for judging a translation based on its target language? P.14

  3. What is criterion for judging a translation based on its source language? P.16

  4. What is the theory of Elsa Tabering de Pucciarelli about analyzing texts? P. 18

  5. What is the theory of Peter Brang about analyzing texts? P. 19

  6. Name the categorized group by J.B. Casagrande. P.21

  7. What are “ideal types” by Karl Thieme? P. 21

  8. How did George Mounin categorize the text types? P. 22

  9. Name three functions of Karl Buhler. Elaborate them. P.25

  10. Explain the four types of text by Benedetto Croce. Elaborate them brieflyP. 26

  11. What is difference between content and form –focused text? P. 28, 36

  12. …….. and ……… serve to achieve an esthetic purpose in a artistic literary works. P. 34

  13. Is there any text or book that is involved the three types of text? P. 40- footnote

  14. For evaluation of different types of text, we need what fidelity? p. 41

  15. In audio-medial text, …… and …… play a significant role. P.43-44

  16. How the problem of translation can be solved by conforming to the respective demands of the four text types. P.48

  17. What are the two factors (of the interaction of linguistic and non linguistic determinants) that affect the translator′s critic? P. 51-52

  18. Name the linguistic components. Explain each of the briefly. P. 53-66

  19. The critic examines the translation with each of linguistic elements. What are them? P.66

  20. What are extra –linguistic determinants? Explain the briefly.P.66-86

  21. What is difference between micro and macro-context and situation? P.67-68

  22. What are three categories for making an objective judgment? P. 86-87

  23. What are two aspects of the limitation of translation criticism? p. 89

  24. Name different function of a translation? P. 93

  25. Name the groups of targeted reader. Explain them briefly. P. 103-104

  26. Elaborate Savory′s perspective with four kinds of audience. p. 102

  27. What are the elements of subjective limits of translation criticism? P.106

  28. Spranger distinguishes six different forms of personality. Name them. Explain four of them. P. 110

  29. Translation of criticism is limited by subjective condition of …….and by ……. of translator. P. 113

  30. What are the discussion about the potential and limitation of a proper and objective translation criticism? (4 items). P.114

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