Freelance Translator

Are you a freelance translator?

Do you know your job is very beneficial? It is not important where you are; you can work everywhere with everyone that you choose him/her.

But if you want to be successful, you need some requirements, “map road.”

 First: Who is your client?

Definitely it depends on types of contents that you are professional for translating. Nevertheless, you should be familiar with multiple writing styles, sentence structures, synonyms and other aspects of the writing process. It only gains by practice. Gradually you understand which types you are better and then you focus on it in order to improve yourself as a translation expert in this area.  So specialize in one or two certain fields.

 Second: Marketing plan

 As a freelance translator, you need to present yourself. Social media, websites, and other ways are best strategies that help you to introduce yourselves and connect you to your right clients.

 Three: Assess and optimize your plan

   When you arrived at your goal, look your behind and evaluate your strategies.

    •    Have the number of your customers increased?
    •    Have they satisfied with your service?
    •    Have you earned more money?
    •    What type of connection or advertisement is more powerful for you?

   Review these questions, perhaps you need to change your strategies or increase different ways of advertisement and spend more time on social media and post an attractive introduction for readers. In fact, your clients want different things.

 Four: Pricing   

 The translation is a great industry and there are no exact and clear rules. Language pair, the number of words of source texts, and content types can be a suitable standard way to determine the price. A certified translation is more expensive than a standard translation. Sometimes, a translator defines the price in three categories: Barons, Silver, and Gold.

Five: Set up a website and learn SEO ranking factors

 Creating an attractive site is only beginning. Search engines depend on your keywords. Length of content, easy to read, unique, and fast loading are crucial factors in SEO.

Author by: Hanieh Azimzadegan